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Summer Series: High Beam Travels

As event planners, we find inspiration in the world around us. As our world changes, the nature of events and entertainment soon changes with it. We’re lucky enough to work in an industry that requires us to stay hip and fluent with emerging design, technology, and entertainment. I mean, it really is creative minded people like us who actually bring new ideas, styles and trends into the market.

At High Beam, we are always looking for the next big thing. From fashion and art to music and technology, our profession utilizes all of these concepts. We are constantly soaking in the world around us in all of its forms. What better way to be inspired than by traveling?

This summer, follow us around the world as we adventure to new places for both personal and business itineraries. Cheers and enjoy!


We’re kicking off the very first post of High Beam Travels with a trip down under to Sydney, Australia! Earlier this summer, our management entourage traveled to the other side of the world to take on Vivid Sydney, a lights, music and ideas festival.

Their trip was exactly as you’d expect from a management team of event planners: a thrilling week of industry conferences and panel discussions paired with bold colors, neon lights and exotic inspiration. Not to mention, Aussie accents, beautiful beaches and foreign culinary flair enhanced the entire experience.

The festival runs for 23 days illuminating the night sky with multimedia light installations and projections that transform Australia’s iconic buildings and landmarks into beautiful pieces of art. Vivid Sydney also hosts a convention that brings creative leaders together for professional development, marketing opportunities and industry related innovation.

When asked what her favorite part about the trip was, our President said, “As we sat in various panel discussions about creativity and collaboration, I realized that we’re doing things right at High Beam. It made me really proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last twelve years, and I came back energized and ready to tackle new opportunities.”

After a trip like this, it’s safe to say that we’ve got a handful of vivid ideas and bold inspiration that we’re ready to bring to life. Thanks for the memories, Australia! We will be back!

To learn more about Vivid Sydney, check out their website after you scroll through the pictures from their trip down below!

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