Austin Welcomes A Taste of Europe

It’s hard to imagine a city so famous for its vast amount of eateries needs yet another, but with a place so full of foodies, there can never be enough. If you think you’ve crossed everywhere off your “Must Eats” list (let’s be real, we know you have one), you’re surely mistaken.

We are not talking about yet another taco joint or your typical burger bar. We are, however, talking foreign cuisine. A chic atmosphere, delicious entrées and tasteful cocktails make this a must eat. Really, I wasn’t kidding.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Austin, Prelog’s European Kitchen and Bar brings a fresh and foreign flair to the city. Whether it’s a company lunch or date night with your sweetie, Prelog’s is surely a place to visit.

Last night we got to experience it for ourselves. Welcomed by the gracious Romana Prelog herself, we instantly fell in love. She treated us to a refreshing ‘bowle’ cocktail, a family recipe, German tradition and instant taste of summer that you cannot get anywhere else. We then sampled a few of their signature dishes, paired with a crisp white wine for a mouth-watering experience.

All the while, we had the best seat in the house - right in front of the open kitchen and so close we could smell the aromas. Not to mention the chef’s entertainment was one of the many highlights from the evening.

The menu is far from ordinary, bringing a true taste of Europe to the states. Prelog’s prides themselves on serving authentic cuisine and creating genuine culture. Their kitchen staff is a collection of native Europeans who passionately cultivate a foreign experience.

Aside from the delightful food and genuine hospitality, we fell in love with the ambiance. From dimmed lighting inside to a leafy outdoor patio, Prelog’s perfectly ties Europe’s intimacy to Austin’s adventure. It is truly a dining experience unlike any other.

Romana and her husband Florian, head chef and owner, opened Prelog’s in March 2015 after moving to Austin from Graz, Austria. Why Austin? They fell in love with the city’s energy and warmth, and said it reminded them of home. They also believed it was a perfect place for creating fine food and boy, they were right about that!

Prelog’s is open for lunch and dinner, as well as brunch on Saturday and Sunday. You can find a full menu on their website, http://www.prelogs.com or visit in person at 360 Nueces and W 3rd St. For reservations, call 512.350.2895 or email reservations@prelogs.com.