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Before we Leave Home!

Check out how we prepare to leave our home office and gear up for SXSW 2015

We are T- Minus 3 days before SXSWedu begins and there are a few things to wrap up before we leave our home office and relocate for the conference.

Though the details of our party planning are TOP secret until the big day, we can let you in on how this team of planners will be on point and ready for each day of SXSW 2015!

Shoes & Feet

We walk about a million miles over this city during the 14 days of SXSW. It's important to save our feet where we can…

Ana has been breaking in new hiking boots since Christmas. They keep her feet dry if it’s raining, warm if it’s cold and offers great support for long days on her feet.

Kelly has been receiving a new pair of sneakers every other day for the past few weeks… lets hope she has finally settled on a new pair!

A helpful hint from the veterans… buy a pair of Dr Scholl’s inserts and put them to use around day 6 and you will feel like a new person.

Snacks & Energy

Granola Bars, sour patch kids, beef jerky and coffee. We know this combination doesn’t sound appealing but you will find one or all of these items in our backpacks through out the entire show.

Speaking of backpacks…

Our backpacks will become an added limb during the 14 days of SXSW and choosing the right one is crucial. Extra padding in the shoulders, multiple pockets, and the side pocket for a water bottle are important. Water-packs get a little to heavy and we really need that smaller pocket to keep our zip ties in order.

We have planned and planned, now it's show time and we couldn’t be more excited for SXSW 2015! See you there!