Crafts: You either love them or hate them! But the event planners at High Beam Events L-O-V-E when the occasional craft project is dreamt up!

We gathered around the table one afternoon with construction paper, scissors, and glue and went to town on sprucing up some food stations for an upcoming food-truck inspired event. It didn't take long for our team to be inspired by all things Austin since it seems you can't drive 1/4 mile without passing by a truly hip and unique food-truck these days!!

We worked with Pink Avocado Catering on creating some truly fantastic Austin menus to be served from painted food truck facades. From there, we crafted the embellishments! From Donut Garland for the cutest dessert food truck you've ever seen to menu boards full of Thai Pandas and Bamboo Bowls, we had a blast!

Check out our team in action...scissors, sprinkles, and all!

  • KH.png
  • donuts.png
  • CA.png
  • flowers.png
  • menu.png
  • finished.png