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Dream Big with Destination Management!

With a heart as big as the heart of Texas, we love when out-of-towners come to us for #DestinationManagement. Especially when they bring a spirit that can only be matched with bold colors and euphoric elegance. If you haven’t caught on yet, we’re totally talking about the folks from California.

With hopes of showcasing all that California tourism has to offer, #VisitCalifornia came to us for expertise in producing an event aimed at vividly capturing a one of a kind marketing experience. This event featured bright and lush floral arrangements to mirror the California spirit, a relaxing wellness session by morning yoga and California inspired craft cocktails by night. Not to mention, a fleet of branded pedi-cabs to accommodate guest transportation almost as if they we’re actually strolling the Pacific Coast - right here in the streets of Austin!

Guests virtually traveled through the Golden State by speed dating their way through different vignettes inspired by iconic California locations. Highlighting both some of California’s most desired tourist attractions and a glimpse of the bohemian lifestyle, this event truly captured the heart and soul of the West Coast. Not only did guests get a taste of tourism, they were completely immersed into a California State of Mind.

Our new friends surely left us California dreaming in a pacific haze we’ll never get over! Check out the snapshots of this fabulous escape below! And, just so you know, we’re currently packing our bags and heading West - now that’s dreaming big, right?

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