Holiday Door Decorating Contest

Every year, the Holiday Door Decorating Contest remains one of our favorite office traditions. Not only do we love coming to work with festive decor for the month of December, we love the competition. There are few times a year (every day) that the #HighBeamTeam gets pure and utter joy out of taunting each other - all in good fun, of course.

Creativity is always bursting at the seams in this office. I mean, take a look at the photos below and you be the judge. You'd think we were party planners or something...


"Netflix and Jingle" was a take on the infamous "Netflix and Chill" that went viral earlier this year. Good work, team, but it just didn't cut it.


"Klassy Kristmas" is almost too Austin-y to handle. The worst part is, they were obviously being sarcastic. Oops, they could have fooled us.


And the winner is.... "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?"

This team designed an interactive snowman scene where creativity absolutely wooed us all. The concept is somewhat "pin the tail on donkey," except involving interchangeable props so that you could actually build your own snowman. We have the world's coolest team ever, y'all.