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Keep Austin Green: Tips on producing eco-friendly events

In an eco-friendly city such as Austin, it is our responsibility as an Austin business to try and practice good habits to keep our city green. As event planners, we have an opportunity to educate and also to learn about how our local clients stay green!

On a recent event, we collaborated with a waste management company as well as all the vendors involved to really reduce our event waste. Well, all of our efforts paid off because we received a 100% score!! Here are a few tips for reducing event waste at your next soiree:

  • COMMUNICATE! Everyone has to be on board and made aware of your event waste management goals.
  • Hire a waste management company. If budget allows, they can make all the difference! Their on-site crew helps manage what is being emptied into various bins and they can type up a fancy report to pass along to your clients. Trust us, it's worth the money!
  • Signage is key. Identifying what is recyclable, compostable, and true waste is really important. You have to guide your attendees so they understand and participate.
  • Hire a caterer who is passionate about keeping the event green. A lot of waste for events can fall under your food and beverage packages. Using compostable plates, utensils, cups, straws, napkins, etc. can make a HUGE impact!
  • Provide more recycling/compost bins than you think you need. If they're everywhere, guests will make the effort to dispose of their items properly.
  • Be mindful of giveaways. If handing out packaged candy at an event sounds like a great extra detail, think again in regards to waste. The cute, branded packaging can really add up and is unnecessary!

Diverting waste from landfills gives you and your clients a great sense of pride! It's definitely a collaborative effort but practice makes perfect! Your guests will even feel a great sense of accomplishment! Best of luck on your next event!