Making An Event Shareable

Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, or even a long-forgotten Myspace page, the number of people who use social media platforms is growing every day. In fact, 78% of Americans alone have at least one social media profile. Companies are slowly catching on to the share-crazy tendencies of their consumers, but how can social media help an event go from good to viral? Check out these ideas to make an event tweet-able, Instagram-able, and everything in between.

How do I find out what my event goers are saying?

Jumping into the conversation via social media is a daunting task when there are hundreds of attendees and an ever-growing list of social media platforms. After all, how can we analyze data if the data is buried in thousands of tweets, photos, and posts that may have nothing to do with us at all? An easy way to take a closer look at what people are saying online is through the use of an event hashtag. An event hashtag is a short phrase that attendees add to their social media posts, and it is easily tracked across multiple platforms with a quick search. When crafting the perfect event hashtag remember to think long-term. Future campaigns and events could continue to incorporate this depending on its success, so refrain from making a hashtag that could only be used for a short time period.

Hashtags are a great way to join in on the conversation with attendees, but what about those who are posting about the event and leaving off the tag? Huge portions of the audience could be missed completely, especially if an event is large and has many people coming through. If this is the case, there is a better way of capturing social media posts of those attending the event. Geofencing is an online ‘fence’ around the event that gathers all posts made within the boundaries and analyzes them. More complex than a simple hashtag, geofencing collects all posts made within the event space and takes a closer look at the discussion.

How do I make people want to share photos of my event?

Tracking what people are saying about your event is one thing, but how do you make them want to post in the first place? To inspire an attendee’s desire to share photos, an event needs to be interactive. Where events used to be a passive experience, the age of social media has turned this idea on its head and created a need to be an active participant. Catering to this is vital for the success of an event on social media. To do this, start with designing a space that keeps the target audience in mind, and incorporate innovative ways to capture this audience’s attention.

Remember that event hashtag your company has perfected? Attendees need to know that it exists, and the best way to do this is to incorporate it into the event itself. Print it on food, write it on mirrors, and make it interactive through signage or props so that the hashtag itself is what people want to photograph. Getting that Insta-ready photo can be tricky, so help out attendees by providing the photo itself through photo booths or professional photographers throughout the event. All prints can be branded, and placing photos from the event online gives event goers motivation to visit the company’s page.

How do I decide what social media to use?

There is a simple answer to deciding on a specific social media platform: don’t. Focusing efforts on just one platform is a surefire way to miss out on the conversation. Your attendees aren’t using just one social media, so why should you? Being present and creative on many different platforms makes it easier for attendees to share photos and content regarding your event. Look into creating a Snapchat geofilter for event goers to use, set up a Facebook live feed, and explore all of the ways your event can make an impact on social media. Taking over the internet one event at a time just got easier.