Meet High Beamer, Carley Papi

Carley grew up in Pennsylvania and went to college in Washington, DC, where she worked for law firms (think West Wing). She eventually fled the capitol before her spirit was crushed in the dog-eat-dog world of DC lawyers. In Austin, she discovered High Beam and immediately sent in her resume for an administrative opening. She says she heard about all of the cool events we do and knew she wanted to be invovled. Besides working, Carley can be found building her own industrial style book cases, light fixtures, or even making chain mail.

  • What's your favorite childhood item?

Nell! My stuffed bunny. I still sleep with her every night.

  • What is your favorite thing about Austin, TX?

All the things! I came here to escape the bad attitude that is Washington, DC and have not looked back. My least favorite thing about Austin: driving.

  • When did you realize you wanted to ditch law firms and start your new life with High Beam?

I realized that I did not belong in a law firm a few months in to my first law firm job. Three (plus) years and two firms later, I'm finally at a job that I love and am excited about every day.

  • What movie would you rather experience in real life - The Hunger Games or Cast Away?

Gonna be real honest here… I've never seen either of those movies.

  • What's your favorite fairytale?

I don't know if it would be strictly classified as a fairytale, but 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'.

  • What are you most excited about for SXSW 2014?

The entire thing! The fact that it's going to be super fast-paced and crazy is actually very appealing to me.

  • Coffee or tea? Cream and sugar? How do YOU like yours?

Coffee or tea with milk/cream, though lately I've been trying to eat Paleo so it's been butter coffee (I swear it doesn't taste weird).

  • Would you rather have to listen to Christmas music for the rest of your life, or no music at all?

This is a terrible question. The thought of a lifetime of only Christmas music is horrifying, but I guess a life with no music at all would be (marginally) worse. So, Christmas music. :(