Meet High Beamer, Kara Florez

Kara started out in Public Relations and spent a little time in New York City (which seems fitting, since she loves cold weather), before heading back to Austin and getting started with event planning. She worked at Texas Exes for a couple of years, planning UT alumni events, and then started exploring the festival world (she was in the mood for something a little more chaotic). Earlier this year, Kara was Registration Director for the 2013 Austin Film Festival – and now we are excited to have her on the Beam Team for the 2013-2014 planning season! It’s also worth noting that Kara loves cats.

Q&A with Kara:

  • Which Spice Girl is your favorite?

Ginger! It’s the redhead thing.

  • What is you favorite thing about Austin, TX?

The creativity and energy – so many people doing their thing here! Oh, and the food.

  • When did you realize you wanted to be an event planner?

When I moved back from NYC and knew that I still wanted to do something fast-paced and a bit crazy but outside of PR.

  • In which Olympic event would you most like to compete?

Figure skating.

  • You have to replace your parents with two celebrities. Which two celebrities do you choose?

Diane Keaton & Nicholas Cage (although the combo is maybe a little strange…)

  • What are you most excited about for SXSW 2014?

Being challenged like never before and knowing that I played a part in making it happen!

  • Coffee or tea? Cream and sugar? How do YOU like yours?

Coffee for sure (although I do love me some iced tea) with lots ‘o cream – no sugar.

  • Would your rather live for 30 days without the Internet or 30 days without a car?

Without a car! I love walking, so having the obligation to do it more would be awesome. Plus, no Internet for a whole month?? Think about it…