Meet High Beamer, Tiffany Picciano

Tiffany came from the beautiful, sunny state of California but loves the heck out of good ol’ Austin. She's worked with a ton of celebrities while coordinating fabulous events at Eva Longoria's restaurant, Beso. Along with obsessively cheering for the NY Yankees, she loves to listen to rap music.

Now for a little Q&A:

  • Are you a winter or summer lover?

WINTER- I looooooove the cold weather and I’m obsessed with scarves; it’s not really appropriate to wear them during the disgusting summer heat.

  • If you could go to lunch anywhere on South Lamar where would you go and what would you order?

Obviously Chipotle…Veggie Bowl.

  • What is the fastest you have ever driven your car?


  • What is your favorite thing about Austin, Texas?

The People!

  • When did you realize you wanted to be an event planner?

I’ve always loved planning things and when I took my first job as an event coordinator in Hollywood, I completely fell even more in love with it and knew I wanted to make this a permanent thing!

  • Will you plan your own wedding or hire an event planner to do the dirty work?

I would want to plan most of it …but I definitely would hire someone to handle the day of logistics!

  • If you could pick any desk in the office, which one would it be?

Callie’s- It’s far away from the bathrooms and it’s always super cold.

  • What are you most excited about for SXSW 2014?

I’m excited to experience SX from a completely different perspective.

  • Coffee or Tea? Cream and Sugar? How do YOU like yours?

Coffee, never tea! Black or cream and sugar; ALL coffee is good coffee.

  • What CD is in your CD player RIGHT NOW?

DON’T JUDGE…The new Backstreet Boys album. I’m still a teenager at heart.