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Meet Our New Intern!

Meet our new intern Madison! Madison is a senior at UT and while she’s a Longhorn now, her heart lies with the Kansas Jayhawks. She doesn’t just limit herself to the continental US though, Madison is an avid traveler and has been to five continents and 18 countries—she even lived in Sydney, Australia for eight months! Yes, she admits, she tried the kangaroo burgers (and even liked them). Intern by day, food truck connoisseur by night, she’s the self-proclaimed pickiest foodie you’ll ever meet, but will never turn down a taco recommendation. With a goal of petting every dog in the greater Austin area and checking out her very first SXSW, she broke down her favorites for us:

Rock Chalk Jayhawk. I’ve lived in Austin for the better part of four years, but before that I was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas. For those who don’t live and breathe college basketball, you probably haven’t heard of it, but if you’re looking to bet on the NCAA championship this year, my money’s on the Jayhawks. While I’m not the biggest fan of Kansas’ cornfields and small graduating classes—I’m still unbeaten at 28—I bleed crimson and blue every year when March Madness rolls around.

G’day. If you haven’t made the trip down under yet, you may be in for a surprise when you arrive. Having made the 18-hour trip twice, I have some horrible news for you: the phrase ‘shrimp on the barbie’ is a total lie. If you’d like to save yourself the embarrassment (which I did not) remember that a shrimp is a prawn, McDonald’s is macas, and breakfast is brekky. Finally: whatever you do, don’t try the vegemite.

Mobile Meals. I am convinced that the creator of the food truck should have been given the Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar all at once. If you’re looking for a level of food sin that will ruin all other desserts, try Gordough’s. If you’re craving next-level fries, check out Chilantro, and if you’re wondering where to get something healthy on wheels, you’ll have to ask someone else. Salads make me sad.

Pups Wanted. Ask any of my roommates, friends, or family members, I have never met a dog that I did not love. I have five currently: two english bulldogs, a french bulldog, a cocker spaniel, and a basset hound. The squishier the face, the more likely I am to stop in the street and take a picture. Proudly following more dogs than people on Instagram since 2015.