Summer Musings: Eye-catching Colors

Join us all season for our new column, Summer Musings, and see what’s inspiring us throughout the warm-weather months!

Ah, summer. Long days, warm nights and the busier times of fall still a far-off thought. Now that the season of simpler days is in full swing, we’re taking advantage with some creative recharging. Enter our new column, Summer Musings, led by me, Kara, Event Manager here at High Beam. For the next few months, I’ll be taking you on journeys through my wandering summer mind and highlighting what’s intriguing me most. From parties across the country to productions from High Beam’s very own repertoire, this season will be chock-full of inspiration that I, for one, will be bringing to my future planning. I hope you’ll join me!

Being in the event world, one quickly becomes skilled in the art of blending things into the background. We’re all familiar with the proverbial “event black” uniform seen on everyone from caterers to production staff to event managers – those who work “behind the scenes.” Neutrals are also second to none for diverting attention from unwanted scenery. Need to hide that ancillary gear at stage right? Throw a black linen over it. Unsightly walls need subtle dressing? Indistinctive draping is a sure bet. And the list goes on…

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good black-on-black ensemble or beautifully same-toned décor most of the time.

But when the warm breezes and endless days of summer roll around, my senses crave something more. Something to shake up those monochromatic tendencies.

Which leads me to my third summer muse – eye-catching colors.

Ok, before I lose you, I’m not saying you have to go over the top with your day-to-day dressing.

I’m talking about making your production pop by adding in some unexpected color.

Who says your tent has to be white or your venue’s exterior drab? Why not drop a bright pink shipping container on your activation lot and call it a day? Or simply mix in some punchy poufs for a bit of eye candy?

Still not a believer? Well let me just leave you with a few of High Beam’s finest bold-hued examples and we can talk after that…

  • Colors1.JPG
  • Colors2.JPG
  • Colors3.jpg
  • Colors4.jpg
  • Colors5.jpg
  • Colors6.jpg
  • Colors7.jpg
  • Colors8.jpg
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  • Colors9.jpg
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  • Colors17.jpg
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  • Colors21.jpg

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