Summer Musings: The Great Outdoors

Join us all season for our new column, Summer Musings, and see what’s inspiring us throughout the warm-weather months!

Ah, summer. Long days, warm nights and the busier times of fall still a far-off thought. Now that the season of simpler days is in full swing, we’re taking advantage with some creative recharging. Enter our new column, Summer Musings, led by me, Kara, Event Manager here at High Beam. For the next few months, I’ll be taking you on journeys through my wandering summer mind and highlighting what’s intriguing me most. From parties across the country to productions from High Beam’s very own repertoire, this season will be chock-full of inspiration that I, for one, will be bringing to my future planning. I hope you’ll join me!

Pop quiz: When someone says summer to you, what comes to mind?

Backyard barbecues? Poolside lounging? Eating an extra-large snow cone every other day?

Oh wait, that's just me?

Embarrassingly honest puns aside, we can all think of those things that are practically synonymous with summer. But what exemplifies the warm weather months to me most is being outside. From the beach to the lawn to even the sidewalks of my own neighborhood, life feels just a bit sweeter when spent under the open sky.

I'll take that as my cue to introduce this round's summer muse, (drum roll, please), The Great Outdoors.

Not only do I personally love me some quality time in the fresh air, the Beam Team has enjoyed its fair share of outdoor living, too - by way of our events, of course.

So in an ode to all things alfresco, I've rounded up some of High Beam's top nods to my current muse. I for one will be loading up on this inspiration with an ice-cold beverage in hand. Hope you'll do the same. Enjoy!

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