Summer Musings: Travel

Join us all season for our new column, Summer Musings, and see what’s inspiring us throughout the warm-weather months!

Ah, summer. Long days, warm nights and the busier times of fall still a far-off thought. Now that the season of simpler days is in full swing, we’re taking advantage with some creative recharging. Enter our new column, Summer Musings, led by me, Kara, Event Manager here at High Beam. For the next few months, I’ll be taking you on journeys through my wandering summer mind and highlighting what’s intriguing me most. From parties across the country to productions from High Beam’s very own repertoire, this season will be chock-full of inspiration that I, for one, will be bringing to my future planning. I hope you’ll join me!

Picture this: you’re on a white sand beach in the Caribbean, with nothing but time on your hands except for that ice-cold Mai Tai. Or maybe you’re wandering the mean streets of Istanbul, eating every last kebap in sight while scouring the local markets for that perfect souvenir.

Not bad, huh? Cue the wanderlust bug and its inevitable debut into every part of my life. From beautiful sights to foreign sounds to even the nitty-gritty of getting from point A to B, there’s no doubt I’ve got jet-setting on the brain. And that’s why my first muse of the summer is travel.

Right about now, I bet you’re thinking, Ok great, travel, cool. But you’re an event planner. Sooo how does this all tie together?

Well, so glad you asked.

We all get in a rut now and then. When you’re toiling away in the same scenery day after day, it’s easy to stall out inspiration-wise. Diving into the architecture, fashion and customs of global locales can do wonders for your stimulation and really get the creative juices flowing.

Is it your event’s lighting that needs a boost? Maybe its décor or activities? Or perhaps even its overall theme?

I bet you can guess where I’m going here...

So in an effort to give my imagination – and hopefully yours too! – a much needed kick, I’ve rounded up my top five event planning pieces that I can’t wait to infuse a little hit-the-road attitude into. Vámonos!

1. Décor & Furniture

1 HBNolaChandelier.jpg

Every event can use a good umbrella-plus-brass-band chandelier, amiright? Love this one we did for a client’s recent New Orleans-themed party!

2 HBNolaMaps.jpg

Maybe custom-made maps of the event’s theme city are more your speed? These neighborhood details added a unique touch to the above-mentioned Nola event.

3 HBVignetteDecor.jpg

Don’t be afraid to go with the tried-and-true, either. Simple vignettes made up of travel-themed pieces were a subtle way we tied this SXSW party’s wanderlust theme in.

4 HBHotelDesk.jpg

Or let your furniture do the talking, like we did with this hotel desk at the same travel event.

5 HBShoeFlag.jpg

Swag as décor, anyone? Love how a simple product was spun into a statement-making piece at one of our international clients’ SXSW events!

  • 6 SE-JungleTables.jpg
  • 7 BB-India.jpg
  • 8 BB-MoulinRouge.jpg

And more inspiration for you.

2. Entertainment

1 HBBrassBand.jpg

This awesome brass band was such a fun way to bring the energy of The Big Easy to our client’s party.

  • 2 BB-AsiaDancers.jpg
  • 3 SE-Dancers.jpg
  • 4 SE-TropicalDancer.jpg

Some of these other fun entertainment examples really caught my eye, too. Don’t mind me while I pack my bags.

3. Lighting & Gobos

1 HBNolaGobos.jpg

Back to Nola one last time, I love our team’s use of unique gobos to bring even more of the locale-inspired theme into the mix!

  • 2 BB-Africa.jpg
  • 3 BB-GobosDecor.jpg

I’m also drooling over these two illumination examples. African Safari for the win!

4. Staff

  • 1 BB-Butlers.jpg
  • 2 BB-FrenchInfrastructure.jpg


5. Infrastructure

  • 1 SE-JungleStairs.jpg
  • 2 SE-Mexico.jpg
  • 3 SE-MexicoNight.jpg

Don’t feel boxed in by the confines of your event’s venue – be it a corporate-esque hotel or the real deal (i.e., a Mexican beach for your Mexican beach fête), take a cue from these great examples on how infrastructure can be a catalyst for incorporating travel into your production!

Photos are High Beam's own unless otherwise linked to. Click each image to visit photo source page.