SXSW 2014 Highlights: Buildouts

Each year during the festival, High Beam produces events in parking lots throughout downtown Austin. For 2014, our planners sourced some incredible, unique structures that really set these buildouts apart!

  • front.png
  • side.png
  • interior 1.png
  • interior 2.png
  • event.png

This glass cube, which housed an intimate performance venue, was designed by two of our planners and fabricated especially for Cricket Wireless at SXSW 2014!

(Photo Credit: Paige Newton Photography)

  • tent 1.png
  • tent 2.png
  • lot.png

This three-story, clear-front tent towered above Subway Square at 4th & Red River.

(Photo Credit: Carrie Ryan / Sweet Louise Photography)

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  • tent inside.png
  • event.png

This lime green tent was certainly eye-catching! We love the bold use of Undertone's colors to draw attention and make their activation stand out.

(Photo Credit: Carrie Ryan / Sweet Louise Photography)

  • aerial.png
  • lot.png
  • inside.png

This glass-walled tent provided just the right setting for Cottonelle's Refresh Lounge. Entering this activation felt more like walking in to a living room than a temporary structure!

(Photo Credit: Kelsey Huskisson & Paige Newton Photography)