mural small.png

SXSW 2014 Highlights: Decor

It's hard to believe that SXSW ended just a little over a month ago! In the coming posts, we are going to showcase some of the highlights from our SXSW 2014 events.

Today, it's all about decor!

Brasil - letters.png

High Beam partnered with an amazing local vendor to design/fabricate these custom letters for the Casa Brasil event on Rainey Street. Don't be fooled - each letter is almost 2 feet high and surprisingly heavy!

cottonelle - toilet paper arrangements.png

These "flower" arrangements made from toilet paper at Cottonelle's Refresh Lounge were both simple and elegant, and really helped bring the theme together at this event. We love the unexpected (yet very appropriate) use of materials!

(Photo Credit: Paige Newton Photography)

cricket - charging stations.png

These green charging stations were just outside of the Cricket Cube (stay tuned for more about this in our upcoming posts) and brought a little touch of nature to this parking lot buildout.

(Photo Credit: Paige Newton Photography)

mural collage small.png

For Mix at Six this year, the theme was "Graffiti". This mural was designed specially for that event and actually created on-site during the party!

(Photo Credit: Paige Newton Photography & Leonid Furmansky)