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SXSW 2016 is Here! We're Headed to Production Village!

It’s that time of year again, folks! The annual South by Southwest Festival is just days away and we are so lucky to play a major role in all of the action. Today is our last day at the office before we station in the Austin Convention Center where we join forces with SXSW to begin production of the 30th Anniversary conference and festival.

SXSW is the largest festival of it’s kind in the world, sweeping Downtown Austin for ten days of structured chaos. The festival is composed of three major elements that all play a vital role in its worldwide fame. Housing more than 2,000 acts, SXSW Music Fest is the most renowned music festival in the world, attracting both attendees and the industry minded from around the globe. SXSW Interactive is focused on emerging technologies and has become a platform for the birth of new ideas and creative technology. The SXSW Film Conference celebrates the art of those from both in front and behind the camera, welcoming filmmakers of all levels, industry leaders and emerging talent.

Each conference is composed of a variety of events, from panel discussions to open bars and everything in between. You’ll find yourself lost in a mix of trade shows, hangouts, panels, discussions, parties and showcases. SXSW is truly an experience unlike any other and comes at no surprise that it’s earned its way to such fortune and fame.

High Beam is honored to partner with SXSW as the official party planner of the festival. We spend months out of the year preparing for the conference, working with a multitude of clients and planning an array of details to make this event come to life. It’s hard to believe that our season of planning has come to an end and that it’s time to make it all happen. It’s Showtime y’all! We’re headed to Production Village!