Thanksgiving Potluck

The Monday morning after Thanksgiving brings a whirlpool of emotions. You’re struggling over the decision to pick up breakfast tacos on the way to the office now that your diet is on winter vacation or juice your way through detoxing pounds of mashed potatoes. Either way, you’re entirely hazed by holiday cheer that even your coffee tastes warmer. And if you’re lucky enough to have a job like ours, you’d be just as happy as we are to be back in the office.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, last week we celebrated the bond our office shares by each contributing a potluck dish. There were plenty of laughs, love and leftovers to go around.

Although we are extremely thankful that this only happens once a year, I need to brag on my amazing team for a second. It’s not everyday that an office full of event planners turns into a gourmet fiesta. I mean, the creativity in this place stretches far beyond the event world.

Scratch our list of catering vendors… we fully had this covered. Scroll through the pictures below and let your mouth water over our delicious Thanksgiving potluck!

  • challah bread.jpg
  • cranberry turkey sammies.JPG
  • ziti and salad.jpg
  • spinach dip.JPG
  • crostini.JPG
  • meatballs.JPG
  • fried mac.jpg
  • cupcakes.jpg
  • butta fudge.jpg