The Apps we Love!

There is literally an app for everything these days and it’s hard to keep up. Last year was such a great one for our mobile devices, so we wanted to give the run down of our favorite apps of 2014.



Ringing in tried and true at number 1, Instagram. Who didn’t love the year of the #Selfie? Well, it’s an office favorite and holding strong as we move into 2015.



If you have traveled in Austin lately, you will notice the influx of traffic and construction. You might have also found yourself stuck in said traffic wondering if there was an alternate route you could have taken. Not to worry, there is an app for that! It’s called WAZE and they are “all about contributing to the greater good out there on the road.” WAZE will notify you of upcoming traffic and a way to get around it. Not to mention letting you know when to slow your roll and avoid a ticket #copahead.



New Year! Here’s to ThinkDirty? This year make a resolution you can keep! And by that we mean one to use healthier, cleaner, non-toxic (what is PPG-26-BUTETH-26 anyway?) personal care products. ThinkDirty is the app you can shop with that tells you exactly what’s in your shampoo and face wash. CAUTION: it may change your cosmetic counter. Cheers to a toxin free 2015!


Paperless Post

Be sure to catch up on your rest before spring fever and the outdoor BBQs hit! Expect to see your inbox fill up with invites from Paperless Post. It’s no secret we love events and we also love to jazz them up with cute and classy invitations! Paperless Post allows you to send via email or post and can track your guest list, reponden s’il vous plait.



Do you love a good playlist but don’t ever have the time to make one? SONGZA - A music streaming app that tailors your playlist to what you are doing, or feeling, right now. The home screen pops up with “Its Monday Late Afternoon – Play Music for: working out, boosting your energy, writing a blog, office dance party anyone?”

Of course there are endless top apps for everyone, what’s your favorite right now? We would love to try it out!