The Magic of Creativity

As a full-service event planning company born and raised in Austin, Texas, you really can’t expect us to be anything but weird. It’s people like us who actually ‘Keep Austin Weird.’ And I say ‘weird’ with the upmost sincerity. Here at High Beam Events, we like to think that weird is ingenious.

We’re a creative bunch. We are visionaries. We pride ourselves on the ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. And we’re just as passionate as we are creative - it’s just who we are.

This passion drives what we do for our clients. Below, you will see some of our best work before and after the magic of creativity.

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  • aerial overall.JPG
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  • JF1A9001.JPG
  • JF1A9002.JPG
  • JF1A9011.JPG
  • performance.jpg
  • photo.JPG

It takes a team like us to a turn a parking lot into an MTV Broadcast. I mean with a world-class production team, anything is possible.

  • Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.24.35 PM.png
  • inside.JPG
  • marquee sign.JPG
  • lockers.JPG
  • coffee table.JPG

Don’t be fooled by rock and roll. We turned this parking lot into a Refresh Lounge! How’s that for a marketing event?

  • Vulcan-main-bar-1024x682.jpeg
  • IMG_0107.JPG
  • IMG_0082.JPG
  • IMG_0145.JPG
  • IMG_0132.JPG
  • Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.32.56 PM.png
  • IMG_0149.JPG

Did someone say marketing? Bet you never thought your next company conference could be hosted in a bar. Now that’s keeping Austin weird.

  • brazos-hall-4.jpeg
  • DSC_4311.JPG
  • DSC_4303.JPG
  • DSC_4321.JPG
  • DSC_4328.JPG

Austin wouldn’t be Austin without vibrant décor and outlandish character. We can bring Austin’s authenticity to any event. Even a not-so-typical company party!

  • palmdoor03.jpeg
  • Untitled Export-0001.jpg
  • Untitled Export-0002.jpg
  • Untitled Export-0003.jpg
  • Untitled Export-0008.jpg
  • Untitled Export-0025.jpg
  • Untitled Export-0011.jpg
  • Untitled Export-0018.jpg
  • Untitled Export-0021.jpg

Speaking of the not-so-typical, let us bring you a circus act! We are sure to boost your reputation by booking entertainment that your guests will never forget.

  • 2003-369_fs.jpeg
  • floor chalk5.JPG
  • graffiti wall.JPG
  • mapping.JPG
  • green sphere.JPG
  • photobooth feed.JPG
  • photobooth feed.JPG

That is, if they aren’t too busy at the graffiti wall.