At High Beam, we’re on top of cutting-edge technologies and event trends and dare we say it, we’ve started a few trends ourselves. We’ve got the vision to create unconventional designs and our ideal client is one who is willing to go with us beyond the ordinary. We specialize in exciting atmospheres, custom fabrication, big reveals, unique branding opportunities, and exceptional experiences that will have your guests loving every minute of it.


High Beam is equally skilled in all the production elements needed to bring your big creative vision to life. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty! From tenting, fencing, power, security, and more, High Beam has the resources to build the infrastructure to your design. We’ve built activations on rooftops and in basements, backyards and parking lots. High Beam’s clients enjoy an unparalleled level of music and event production because we know our way around line arrays, subwoofers, lighting rigs, forklifts, and more.


Leave the details to High Beam and we'll create experiences that connect your brand with influencers.